Talks in a Box -
Community Outreach

Medicine is a service profession, and as Physician Assistants, we are all called to provide medical services to our communities. But PAs also value and are invested in serving our communities. Our Talks in a Box program will allow DermPAs to easily access presentations on common dermatology conditions that can be presented within their community.


Resources for Public Education

DPAF has curated dermatology educational powerpoints for PAs to request and download to present within their community.

Adolescent Acne

This PowerPoint is perfect to educate Grade School students about the importance of skin care, acne 101, and proper skin care for their age.

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This PowerPoint education focuses on the signs, symptoms and treatment of Eczema in adults as it affects 30% of the US population that can have a big impact on QOL.

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Sun Safety 101 - COMING SOON!

This PowerPoint focuses on protection from UV radiation all year round, the risk of UV exposure and how best one can protect themselves.

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Adult Acne - COMING SOON!

This PowerPoint focuses on Adult Acne causes, treatment options available, and when it is best to see a Dermatology Practitioner.

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Learn about Dermatology Conditions

Learn about Dermatology 101 and how you can take care of various skin diseases while waiting to be seen at the Dermatology Clinic. As Derm PAs, we believe that knowledge is power, and DPAF strives to make sure you are well-informed with skin care information that comes from a reliable resource.

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