DPAF Research Support Project

As Derm PAs, we can participate as principal investigators in research and be more involved in medicine with these avenues of opportunity. The DPAF Research Support Project is dedicated to you, the Derm PA, to push the boundaries of dermatological understanding and innovation.

With a grant supported by DPAF, we make it our mission to fund groundbreaking research projects, foster collaborations, and empower you, the Derm PA, to make significant contributions to the medical field of dermatology.  Apply today and join this undertaking to improve patient care, enhance scientific discovery, and shape dermatological research's future through the Derm PA's eyes.


Benefits of PA’s in Research

Elevating Research Excellence with Physician Assistants (PAs) - Their Profound Influence on Advancing Scientific Breakthroughs and Innovation.


Continued Education

Career Growth

Acquire New Skill Set

Leadership Opportunities


Increased Access to Clinical Trails

Expansion of Treatment Plans


Increase in Study Sites

Increase in Trial Enrollment

Increase in Patient Access

How PAs can become involved in Research

DPAF encourages and provides resources for PAs to get involved in research. For example, you can submit a case report to a journal or collaborate with other PAs interested in publication through the SDPA.

Clinical Trial Training

  • Good Clinical Practice Certification

  • Research Training Programs (ACRP, Academia, CCRPS

Further Education

  • Master of Clinical Research

  • Project Management Certificate


  • Shadowing Clinical Research Coordinators

  • Research Nurses, Project Managers & Pharmacists

  • Sub-Investigators & Investigators

  • Identify a research mentor


  • Become a qualified site for Clinical Trials

  • Original Research

  • Join a Research Team

  • Explore non-traditional PA role


DPAF PA Research Grant Recipient Mallory Aycock

Using Online Dermatology Training Technology to Improve Dermatology Diagnostic Skills

Mallory Aycock, MPA, PA-C was awarded the 2019 DPAF Physician Assistant Research Grant to evaluate the effectiveness of online dermatology training technology in improving the understanding of dermatologic diagnoses among as PAs and PA students.

Her innovative project, entitled “Evaluating the Use of Supplemental Training Technologies in Dermatology Education” focuses on the use and effectiveness of an interactive learning technology platform that adapts with individual learners as they progress through learning modules.


DPAF Grant Award: Expanding SCAN's Impact on Skin Cancer Awareness

DPAF is proud of what SCAN has already accomplished in the community and is excited for them to take this initiative nationwide.

The SCAN Grant trains hairdressers, barbers, and cosmetologists to spot dangerous skin issues in their clients and recommend prompt medical attention. The free, under 60-minute program, offered in-person or online, has significantly increased referrals to healthcare professionals.

Specifically, the DPAF Grant will allow the SCAN Project to:

  • Uncover barriers to skin lesion recognition and referrals by professionals.

  • Assess the ability of an in-person and online based certification program to improve the professionals’ awareness of skin lesions and self-efficacy of referring for care.

  • Explore potential methods of delivering training/certification that would include dermatology PAs.


PAs Involvement in Research

Revolutionizing Research Landscapes: Unleashing the Full Potential of Physician Assistants (PAs) in Driving Scientific Progress.

Clinical Research

  • Clinical Research Associate

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

  • Sub-Investigator

  • Principal Investigator

  • Director Operations

Site Level

  • Project Lead/ Project Manager

  • Director

  • Therapeutic Strategy Leads

  • Clinical Monitor

  • Medical Monitor

  • Business Development

  • Training

  • Medical Writing

  • Safety Monitoring

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Project Manager

  • Operations Director

  • Medical Director

  • Global Affairs

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