DPAF Board of Trustees Meet in Person for the First Time in Nashville

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November 30, 2023
February 2, 2024
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DPAF Board of Trustees Reconnects In-Person After Virtual Meetings

Meeting virtually since July 2023, it was a special moment when the DPAF Board of Trustees were able to meet in person. A lot was accomplished, and planning has been started for 2024 to support DPAF's vision and mission. DPAF was well received during the SDPA's 21st Annual Fall Conference as the rebranding was noted and talked about throughout the event. The Board is proud of what they have accomplished to make the debut during the conference. There is still a lot more to accomplish, but we are laying a strong foundation for continued success.

DPAF's Vision for 2024: Advancing DermPA Research, Medical Missions, and Community Outreach

Some plans for 2024 include grants awarded to DermPAs for research and medical missions. Community outreach is a huge initiative for 2024 to educate the public about not only dermatological conditions but DermPAs as well. It is an exciting time for DPAF, and we encourage all SDPA members to become a part of it any way they can. We are gearing up for a year of progress, with a focus on advancing dermatological research, engaging in medical missions, and fostering community outreach to raise awareness about dermatological conditions and the valuable contributions of DermPAs.

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